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The Significance of Eye Contact
The Significance of Eye Contact

The Significance of Eye Contact

One of the best and major parts of our communication systems is our eyes. Eyes work as the most effective and easiest media to express our feelings and to impress others. Though scientific studies have shown again and again that eyes may not be the window to the soul, they have a critical role to change the course of one’s mind. It is a nonverbal communication which shares a large portion of our interactions, interest, attention, involvement and engagement.

Silent Communication

Nonverbal communication is used to rescue information as soon as possible, through encoding and decoding of wordless clues (either consciously or unconsciously), allows individuals to convey information quickly. We do this every day, often without even thinking about it. The way you read a person’s body language when meeting them for the first time, you can get much information using eyes language. These silent exchanges of information are present in many of our relationships and often help us determine the nature of these relationships.

In the Definitive Book of Body Language, co-authors Alan and Barbara Pease break down the senses used in nonverbal communication by percentages; 83% sight, 11% hearing, 3% smell, 2% touch, and 1% taste. Perception is a critical foundation for nonverbal communication; one must be able to extract the gestures and signals of another person.

The Importance of Eyes in Nonverbal Cues

A study published in Sage Journals discovered that to form a first impression based off of a snap judgment the participants take one-tenth of a second. The study also showed the participants became more confident when they were given more time to judge based on snap judgments. A first impression is thus a visual decoding of one’s physical complexions, features and gestures taken place within four seconds that can influence the decoder’s behavior towards an individual for a much longer period of time.

The face and the eyes in particular are usually used to gather clues about someone. The eyes, as the focal points of the body, are naturally drawn to the eyes of the person with which one is communicating. Most people focus on carefully selecting their attire to make the right impression.

The area around the eyes alone can communicate a plethora of different things during a first impression, or even in subsequent interactions, –unfortunately, they are not always positive. Things like dark circles and under-eye bags can convey exhaustion, lack of energy, and irritableness. These are not qualities one typically wishes to exude, but individuals with hereditary eye bags and/or dark circles may find it difficult to overcome this social hurdle using natural methods.

The Way to Project Confidence and Vitality

People try to cover their under eye blemishes with concealer. This is a boring task to do on a daily basis, and, if applied incorrectly, a useless one. Under eye bags are especially difficult for cosmetology novices since they cast a shadow, which can stand out even more when the surrounding skin has been covered with concealer. However, by using of dermal fillers, eye bags can be minimized in severity.

A dermal filler is typically injected into the tear trough area for under eye treatments and then shaped in order to camouflage the bulge and make it more in line with the face. The calcium hydroxyapatite-based filler Radiesse can be particularly helpful for those with both under eye bags and dark circles, as the white, opaque calcium particles suspended in filler can have a brightening effect on the skin. The results of a dermal filler injection can begin to be effective within just a few moments, letting individuals see the difference almost immediately. With the distractions of eye bags and dark circles taken care of, first impressions can be based on more positive qualities and reflect a more confident visage.

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