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Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

Best Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss or baldness is one of the most common and disturbing misfortunes for most of the people. Hair is considered as natural ornament of human body. Men and women suffer this problem. It makes the sufferers older than they are. It happens to most ladies, baldness in women is a very sensitive issue since their hair constitute a more significant and valuable part of their beauty. In men baldness is commonly associated with high levels of testosterone, and therefore it’s more common to them than to their counterparts. As a result, the beauticians have come up with numerous ways of solving the problem and among the ways – by hair replacement and use of real human hair wigs.

Though some people don’t suffer the same way, but they have a different hair preference other than their own and have a slow growth rate.


People have tried to be satisfied in wigs and extensions that gave them ultimate intended outlook. These methods are comparatively cheaper than hair transplant and other developed stable solutions to hair loss.


Some reasons of hair loss in women.

Genetic effect

There is a common thing behind hair loss that some women are born with a genetic makeup which causes hair loss. They genetically inherit androgenic alopecia that leads to baldness mostly in women. It is basically noticed earlier in life and therefore alleviating remedies can be used to prevent one from being entirely bald.

Deficiency of minerals

People suffer from hair loss disease when their bodies are in want of vitamins. Protein and other minerals such as vitamins are necessary for healthy hair growth and one great essence to ensure that you balance your diet.

Shortage of iron causes anemic condition, hair growth is ruined, and it is one of the early of this disease. Lack of essential mineral such as Iron can cause balding especially to women who are under heavy menstrual periods and have no plan to replenish the lost Iron.

Excessive Use Of Chemicals

Some common and often used reasons can impair hair growth. Though once a while styling is advisable but excessive use of chemicals, too much of setting, dying and other hair treatments can lead to the weakening of the hair and finally fall of your hair. Heat is also another reason that is applied when blow drying has a bad effect on the hair shafts when done so often.


Any type of stress affects the immune system that leads to hair fall and some of the effects are exposed through conditions like Dandruffs and thinning of the scalp. By avoiding these stress and proper rehydrating can nourish this.

Autoimmune conditions

When the body’s immune system fails to identify specific body cells and attacks them as foreign is known as an autoimmune condition. Condition like lupus is one where the immune system attacks any cell and when it attacks the follicle cells, hair growth is compromised.


Take care of your hair as it is very much important portion of your body to make you beautiful. No human should suffer from baldness, get yourself a nice human hair wig or a clip on hair topper and restore your elegance.


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