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Treat Broken Bones

Reasons of Bone Fractures and How to Treat Broken Bones

Bones are the most precious portion of our body. We should be more cautious when performing our activities related to heavyweight. A fracture may occur when an intense impact on your bones with more force or pressure than your bones can support and thus you can get one or more of your bones broken.

Primarily, fractures are identified with two types- open or closed. Open fractures are critical injuries. When a broken bone breaks the skin and fractures are exposed, is identified with open fractures. On the other hand, close fractures are not exposed. Close fracture doesn’t break the skin and it is a simple fracture.

Some symptoms are usually found when a bone gets crushed:

Extreme pain

Bleeding, swelling and bruising

Tingling or numbness in the affected area

The injured area cannot be moved freely. There you find the limited movement of the affected part.

Fractures are categorized on the basis of the way the bone breaks

  1. Displaced Fracture: If a bone breaks into pieces that cannot be aligned.
  2. Non-displaced Fracture: A bone is broken into even pieces and it can be aligned in right place afterward.
  3. Single Fracture: If the bone breaks only in one place.
  4. Greenstick Fracture: This is an incomplete fracture where the bone only breaks on one side, the other side is merely bent.
  5. Torus fracture: It is an incomplete fracture in which one side of the bone gets broken. It causes a bump on another side.
  6. Hairline Fracture: The name reveals if the bone gets broken into a thin crack.
  7. Compression Fracture: If the bone gets crushed.
  8. Segmental Fracture: The bone breaks in two places, leaving a piece of bone unjoined./unattached.
  9. Comminuted Fracture: In this type, bone is crushed or broken into three or more pieces.


How to Give Proper Treatment to a Broken Bone

A person with bone fracture must be brought under intensive and immediate medical attention. To get proper diagnosis and treatment, you can call 911 or transfer the injured to the nearby hospital as soon as possible. Some immediate moves can be taken when a person suffers from bone fracture:

If the person goes under intense injury or trauma and they are not responding or breathing, start CPR and make an emergency call 911. It is not necessary to move if the person is not in critical condition.

You may find bleeding in the affected area, so to stop bleeding put pressure on the wound with a clean cloth that stops bleeding.

Apply an ice pack by wrapping with a piece of cloth to the affected area to reduce swelling and easing the pain.

Immobilize the broken area but don’t try to realign and push the bone back into place.

Ask the person to lie down and elevate the legs to treat shock when the injured person gets faint or is getting trouble with breathing.

Some Steps to Prevent Bone Fractures

None desires to go through the trauma or pain results from bone fractures. In order to be free from such unbearable pain, one should take some precautions when having physical practices like driving, playing sports, carrying goods of heavyweight, etc.

Some Requirements For Making Your Bones Stronger and Healthier:

Meet required daily intake of vitamin D: Vitamin D assists the body to absorb calcium. The people under 70 years are recommended 0.015 mg(or 15mgc) of vitamin D, while people over 70 should enhance their intake of vitamin D to 0.020 mg( or 20mcg).

Replenish daily necessary intake of calcium: Calcium has the capacity to make your bones strong and healthy. Daily intake 1,000 mg of calcium is recommended for men and women under 50, the people over 50 are recommended to increase their calcium intake to 1,200 mg every day.

Decrease sodium consumption: More calcium is needed in order to excrete urine if a person consumes more sodium. Maintain your sodium consumption low that helps you to retain the calcium you need for your bones.

No one is immune to accidents, so if you or someone you know ever suffers from a broken bone, be sure to look for the symptoms discussed in this article, follow the instructions provided, and get medical attention as soon as possible.

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