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10 Major Ideas For Your Manicure

A manicure is more than a nail trim that also includes choosing a new color, displaying a specific design and getting a seasonal style, using contrasting colors to create a glittering and attractive look of your nails. You can read through the following ten innovative ideas that you can apply to your next manicure.

1) Use sparkle

Silver or gold glitter can create fingernails pop which is a versatile style as well. To highlight a more conservative color one can use glitter that can cover the whole fingernail, or simply cover the outer edge.

2) Match and mix colors

You can mingle and apply colors on the same finger to have a striking look. For instance, a gold band with a glossy finish next to a maroon matte base can go well.

3) Mirror nails

To catch the light and everyone’s eye in the room, mirror nails apply a reflective service. It suits to you when you use a dark backdrop, for example a black dress, to be eye catching.

Mirror nails use a reflective service to catch the light and everyone’s eye in the room. Use these with a dark backdrop, such as a black dress, to stand out.

4) Polka-dot craziness

Polka-dots are a jolly and flexible design. The color of the dots can either be a single or multicolor. A rainbow dot in opposition to a black base goes with anything very well. The customer can choose the dots of different sizes.

5) Get a Hand Massage

A manicure has different functions to add a fashionable and relaxing lifestyle. You can try a hand massage in your next manicure at the salon. Having a hand massage can relax your muscles as well as the mind. The massaging lotion can add a good feeling and also reinvigorate the hand and skin.

6) Occasional Patterns

Not every pattern is predictable. A well-known way to mix things up is to invert the color selection on one finger, for example a white lacquer along with red edge, all fingers are red except for one. This is an innovative way to stand out. For a moment, the secondary color takes the central stage.

7) French Tips


A French tip usually begins with longer, blocky nails. Then the arising part of the nail can stand in contrast to the rest of the nail. No need to be afraid to throw a swirling or zigzag design on the tips to take advantage of this trend.

8) Try to Apply a Gel Manicure

There have been acrylic nails around for years, but the gels are on the rise. You can start with a natural color to govern if they match your preferred aesthetic, and they can be increasingly daring the next time around.

9) The Ruffian Style

This style is applied that paints close to the nail bed and shapes the basic color. Apply a darker color with the ridge of the nail and fill the rest portion with a lighter shade to get an easy, mature look.

10) Get a Surprise Style

With your permission, a surprising design can be selected by the manicurist, based on the nail salon. For they possess a deep collection of colors and patterns with which they draw.


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