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Prevent Hair Loss

How to Prevent Hair Loss in Women

Have you ever noticed that you are losing your most valuable ornament called hair? Undoubtedly it is disturbing for any victim. Everyone desires to get rid of this irritating condition and yearns to make their hair beautiful and strong. For better treatment, you are recommended to pay a visit to your healthcare expert to take a series of medical tests and seek out the major causes of the problem. It is very important to understand the reasons behind the problem, so it will take some more time to understand the matter. The result may prove that it is at a critical and dangerous level than your expectation. Anyway, precaution can be more fruitful to prevent than to treat after being affected.

Hair loss

Hair loss is noticed, when a person- of any age-starts losing more hair than ever. More or less hair loss happens to most of the people. Your hairs fall when washing or combing or just after touching. The changes come due to many reasons. People don’t feel the necessity to notice normal hair growth cycle when everything seems to be ok with them. To understand the level of hair fall you can check your comb, pillow, clothes or floor. So, you are suggested not to make delay any longer. Take some immediate action against hair loss to retain your beauty.

According to many surveys, normal hair loss constitutes around 50-100 strands each day. When you do something with your hair-wash it or do any style, then the number of hair fall may increase up to 250-300 strands that don’t exceed the norm, it happens occasionally. But falling every day more than hundred is a sign of hair loss problem, so don’t ignore it, take fast step to save your hair.

Key Factors of Hair Loss

Hair loss usually occurs due to three major factors- genetic, medical and lifestyle. Each of these factors includes numerous conditions, symptoms and treatments. A helpful discussion based on the following factors to find out the best solution to your hair loss problem.


  1. Genetic Factors

The best way to understand the reason for hair loss, if your parents or grandparents or close relatives had /have the same problem. This can be identified as the reason for genetic factor. This is a disease genetically develops in you. This may be called “Androgenetic alopecia” and almost 20-30% of women are affected with this hereditary disease. Ladies who encounter this disease have thick hair follicles; as a result, hair becomes thin and then falls off quicker than in other women. Women who are over 50 to 60 years old undergo this problem, teenage girls also may suffer the same condition now and then.

  1. Medical Factors

Medical factors are the most widespread hair loss problem. They are differed regarding a woman’s age and health condition. When you consult a doctor to know about the symptom of hair loss, he will direct you to get a blood test to measure the hormones level. This test is done to be sure that you have not any autoimmune or thyroid gland disease. Some major medical factors-

Anemia, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Skin problems like seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis, for example

Gastrointestinal tract disorders, Pregnancy and breastfeeding, Scalp Infections, Menopause

Many of them are related to hormonal problems or changes.

  1. Lifestyle Factors

Lifestyle is another most important factor that can cause a great harm to your hair body if your lifestyle is badly led, not caring about health. There may have many changes in your life and any of them can play a negative and dangerous effect on your health. Some of the problems are included such as-


Weight loss

Vitamin deficiency

Lack of sleep

Frequent visits to beauty salons and “hair experiments”

Physical injuries

Nutrition changes and more

Any change among the described reasons can cause hair loss. So to avoid them you must take care of your physical and psychological health. Apart from you can consult a doctor for a better and faster solution of such irritating condition. Try to lead the best lifestyle, get enough vegetables, get sufficient sleep, reduce stress level and eat healthy food.

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