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Some Healthy Snacks for Sound Sleep Before You Go To Bed

A day goes smoothly when you get an uninterrupted and a sound sleep. A good sleeping means 8 hours sleeping. You are an adult having effort to draw your budget and how to stop the leaking faucet or you are a college student suppose to have 2 tests and 3 submissions within a couple of hours or you are a mom trying to comfort your son including your household activities without being crazy, the first thing all we need to remain sane.

Almost life of every age excluding preschoolers is painful and unbearable. Everyone is trying to touch the deadline successfully among their overworked and over-scheduled and business activities, trying to attend the class in time. In spite of our preplanned life, we fail to do as we desire. A lot of folks have a lot of troubles having sound sleep.

Nevertheless, nature is thought to have a remedy of every problem when there is no way around. Precautionary steps should be taken before you find yourself in a doctor’s room getting a prescription for a little friend known as ‘sleeping pills’, it is better than an over dependence on drug to let everything occur naturally and at least have a try to proceed naturally which will save you a few bucks.

Remember, nature has sleeping pills of its own and they are more effective than most drugs. Just need a suited one that will solve your problems. One such a secret way is to have healthy late-night snacks…


Almonds: Almonds are rich in magnesium. The fact of being unable to stay asleep may be due to lack of magnesium. So, you are prescribed to take almonds if you are having trouble staying asleep. Besides, almonds are beneficial for your bones.


Dairy: Can you recollect how your mom used to force that warm glass of milk before going to bed when you were a kid? Milk is a dairy product that can reward you a good sleeping. Cheese and yoghurt can do the same as milk does.


Lettuce: If you are in sleeping problem, then there is lettuce which has sleep-inducing characteristics. But if you skip lettuce in your salad for dinner, you can brew a tea that is pretty effective and simple. At first, boil a few large lettuce leaves in a cup of water for 15 minutes and add a couple of springs of mint. Then drink this before your bed time, finally you will sleep like a baby.


Pretzels:  If you want to fall asleep very soon, then reach for that bag of pretzels. It increases blood sugar and insulin levels cuts down the time it needs usually fall asleep.


Fish: Some fish are also helpful for bringing a solution of your sleeping problem. Fish like halibut, salmon and tuna are enriched with the vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is the magical treatment that helps make sleep inducing hormones, melatonin and serotonin which can help you a sound sleep.


Chamomile Tea: Chamomile tea is well known sleeping property. It works as a mild sedative and it may help numb the pain from the daily grind. This tea has made it across the centuries and that is why it’s worth a try.


Cereal:  Do you prefer breakfast for dinner? There is a reason with solid scientific back up to indulge in a bowl of cereal every night. There are two great sources- they are carbs from the cereal and calcium from milk which help you scoring some zzz’s.


Sleep is one of the most beneficial things on the planet that rejuvenates our bodies and comes for free. Don’t take it for granted. If you have free and much time, stop scrolling on social media and go take a nap!



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