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7 Useful Tips For Healthy Clay Pot Cooking

Clay pot cooking is the safest and healthiest cooking. The oldest method for healthy cooking is clay pot cooking. While people around the world are fighting the ill effects of modern ways of preparing meals by cooking, with this cheapest and simple way of cooking none can raise any question. That is the reason people are going back to their roots by following clay cookware.

 There are many challenges of using this clay pot cooking in this modern world. Today, healthy clay pot cooking is rare. The clay pots cooking are available in the market but they are tragically chemical laden and made with more toxins they may leach while cooking. They are cheaper and the additives are applied here to produce them faster and smoother. So, there are 7 tips for you about how to collect truly healthy and best pots:

1. Every Time Select Primary Clay

Primary clay is the best and purest form of clay for it is toxins free. It doesn’t act like metals and ceramics for it is naturally inert. In the market, you will find numerous clay posts that are produced using secondary or tertiary type of clay with contaminants that react like metals and ceramics to food.

2. Use chemicals, glazes or Enamels Free Clay Pots

To make process easier, most of the makers use chemicals. Actually, it needs raw material to be treated with chemicals in every mechanized process. The glazes and enamels are used to color and make attractive your clay pots and pans but they contaminate your food. That is why; you are suggested to choose a cookware processed from primary clay.

3. Seasoning Your Clay Pot

Seasoning is more important for your pure clay pot by following per instruction. In order to cooking delicious items every time seasoning is helpful. The food should never be sticky if it is done proper seasoning.

4. Be Careful About Choosing Ingredients

You may have chosen the purest clay pot-but every effort will end in vain if you don’t apply the correct ingredients. Be confirmed about using all-natural organic ingredients that are unprocessed and nutrition-rich that will ensure healthy clay pot cooking. All you and your family needs for a healthy body is a balance diet with the nutritional value of your ingredients.

5. Cook At Medium to Low Heat

Pure clay pots are great retainers of heat and the near infrared heat radiating from their walls cooks food evenly with gentle heat. It keeps nutrients intact and food cooks in almost the same time at low-medium heat as it does on high heat in metal/ceramic cookware.

5. Cook Using Moderate to Low Heat

Cooking at low-moderate heat ensures the durability of your pure clay pot. Besides, it protect your food from being burnt and stuck to the bottom.

6. Use A Pot That Handles Steam Well

For healthy cooking, steam management is one of the mentionable issues. In traditional and typical cookware, the steam pressure inside the pot goes high while using harsh, near-infrared heat from metals. To protect the pot from getting exploded their lids have vents that release extra and unnecessary steam.

7. Clean With Water No Soap While Cleaning Your Pure Clay Pots

You should know that all soaps are more or less toxic. While using a 100% toxic free cookware, one most important thing is that you put it away from any kind of toxic or chemical laden. You can clean them with your bare hand using normal water.

Let’s follow these simple but very useful tips to enjoy healthy clay pot cooking.


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