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Power Up With Plyometric Training

By []Andy G Improve conditioning, increase muscle development and propel your physique to new heights! While these moves may seem better suited for the playground, they’re actually beneficial to those of us a few years beyond playtime. These explosive activities are collectively called “Plyometrics”. Put simply, plyometrics works to train …

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Quick and Easy Soup Recipes For Your Crockpot Cooking

By []Donna H. Soup can be can serve as a delicious appetizer to any kind of meal. Depending on the ingredients used, it can also be a quick, go-to meal on its own. While there are plenty of instant soups that you can make within a few minutes, nothing beats …

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Tasty Cold Soup Recipes That Will Change Your Soup Game

By []Adrian T. Cheng When you hear the word “soup”, you think of a warm delicious meal. But did you know that some people enjoy their soup cold? It’s a delicious and refreshing starter for a warm lunch or dinner, something that is definitely a must-try. Cook these cold soup …

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Hearty Omelette Recipes That Will Make You A Breakfast Person

By []Adrian T. Cheng Omelettes are a staple on the breakfast table. It’s light yet filling and incredibly easy to make. The best part is that you can add your favourite ingredients (your choice of meat, vegetables and even herbs and spices!) to it to make it your own. It’s …

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Effective Home Remedies for Hair Regrowth

By []Kumar Mangalam Losing Hair? Generally, baldness was associated with old age, but today, even young people are affected by it due to bad lifestyle choices, improper nutrition intake, lifestyle stress, hormonal imbalance and environmental pollution etc. All age group individuals deal with this embarrassing issue. There are many effective …

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Hair Systems: An Alternative to Surgical Treatments for a Hair Transplant

By []Shalini Madhav WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY HAIR SYSTEMS? Hair replacement systems refer to a non-surgical treatment, an alternative to expensive hair transplantation treatments. It does not involve the use of dangerous and harmful chemicals which are used in restoring hair growth in various surgeries available nowadays. Now there …

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7 Most Effective Variations On The Curl

By []Andy G Big arms are the mark by which recreational lifters and professional bodybuilders inevitably make comparisons. In fact, they have their own lexicon: guns, cannons, firearms. Heck, can you even name the pro bodybuilder with the biggest chest, or quads? Probably not, but I’ll bet you can visualise …

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How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally Within Seven Days

How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally

Every girl wants to attain perfect skin. But it is not so easy to possess flawless skin, yet everyone struggles to get rid of from zits, circles, pigmentation, patches of dry and lifeless skin, blackheads etc. It seems an endless battle. But I can put a full stop of these …

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