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Vascular Surgery Techniques to Remove Aneurysm


The human body contains veins, arteries, and capillaries through which blood moves to and from the heart. This system is considered as a network system. There occurs blood transformation that carries oxygen from the lungs to the whole body and it again brings back carbon dioxide given off by the …

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If Are You in a Danger of Back Pain

Danger of Back Pai

Simply saying, back or spine pain can cause in two ways. These are the uncontrollable type of natural factors and controllable type by doing regular physical exercise. The most horrible factors are those that are out of our control. Some major reasons of back pain may include: Family background of …

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Retaining Your Heart and Brain Healthy

You should know the reasons of High homocysteine. A very simple blood test can clear your status. You may ask the doctor for a blood test as many doctors don’t feel routinely blood test unless a patient has no previous record of heart disease. Optimal level is under 8/umo L …

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